Archos 204 Review

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Archos 204 Review

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Hi everybody,

As my english is bad, i will make short.
Here our test of the Archos 204 with photos and videos.

original Link

Google traductor.
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Post by roylovelock »

Hi mate, ive moved to 204 room as its about the 204....
nice one mate looks very good, shame the product is in battleship grey......

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hi everybody,

can someone tell, if the new 204 as a different harddisk system, than the older gmini 202 20gb hitachi disk?
It is very important to me, because my old gmini 202 was stolen and now i┬┤m thinking of buying an new one, but if the 204 has the same hardware disk failures (and software problems) i would choose the older gmini. i think the 204 picture function is not a great selling feature beacause of the likely small display.

So anybody out there, who can help me?
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Nice review
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