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704 WiFi Non standard firmware

Posted: Sun Apr 25, 2010 10:12 am
by Meat-Lord
ok so i have a 704 WiFi and its got some sort of non standard firmware. the reason i say this is because i am not allowed into the settings AT ALL and i am not able to enter the recovery mode no matter how i try. when i plug it into USB on my computer it doesent do any thing and of course since i am unable to get to the settings to change that, let alone change the firmware to something a bit more standard.

i am able to read the drive on my computer, i just have to take the 704 apart, take the hard drive out and plug it into a laptop hard drive adaptor (that goes to USB), i cant always do this if i want to put something on it of course so i was wondering if any one knew of another way to force it to install new firmware or to get a settings tab back so i can get into the settings.

its pretty much just a player of things on the drive, i can remember sponge bob being on the drive, alot of it and some other similar shows. i've tried deleting the whole contents of the system folder in hopes of pulling from the recovery partition anew with the settings tab but to no avail. i also notice the config.txt had some of the icons turned off but none were about the setting tab either.

speaking of that, how does the config.txt file look generally?

this is a werid one i know, been working on this a few weeks

Re: 704 WiFi Non standard firmware

Posted: Sat Mar 23, 2013 10:07 am
by samueldavis
Config.txt contains the configuration details of system we cannot change it.To find it you can use /boot/config.txt or from command prompt also using command find -name "config.txt".

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