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Archos PC Stick wifi issues

Posted: Sun Aug 28, 2016 9:55 pm
by maskil
Hey all,

I've recently bought the Archos PC Stick in hopes of being able to watch movies with it while it's connected to my TV in the living room, playing the movies I got on my pc in the office.

However, the stick's internal wifi adapter isn't able to connect to the network, which I'm using with all other wireless devices in the house.

Sometimes, the wifi adapter does connect to the network, but it won't find any other devices, my browser won't load any webpages whatsoever and I'm not able to load the windows app store; sometimes it won't even see the network at all.

I'm pretty sure the router's signal strength is not the issue because other devices connect to the network just fine, no matter where in the house I'm using them.

Does anybody else have the same issue? Can anybody please help?