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Archos PC Stick

Posted: Thu Mar 10, 2016 7:23 am
by drJ
Hello fveryone. I am very interested in purchasing this product,but the main use for it will be playing movies, so I need to know it it supports 5.1 sound passthrough through the HDMI.

The idea is to have it pluged in the tv with HDMI, and the TV is connected to the home cinema using HDMI ARC. I will use Kodi application to play the movies, and it has an option to enable HDMI passthrough, so the device and send the sound unprocessed and the TV will send it to the home cinema and this will procees the 5.1 sound.

I am currently using an Android TV like this and the sound works fine, although Kodi has some problems in android that does not have in windows, that´s why I wanted to replace android device with this new archos pc stick.....

Any help about it or any place to see more deep informatino about this device?.

Best regards and thank you in advance.