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Thank you Archos, excellent service! (RMA)

Posted: Thu Feb 07, 2013 8:58 am
by TweetyRJ85
Hi everybody,

Time for very positive post on Archos customer service. After a few months my A80 G9 250 Turbo developed a crack in the screen. All the touchscreen problems I had been experiencing were most likely due to the impending screen failure. Reading all the drama on several forums regarding RMA for a screen crack for any brand of tablet, I was expecting to be presented with the bill for repairs. Instead my tablet has been exchanged and sent to me within two weeks.

Very well done Archos!

Consider me a very happy Archos fan,

My next buy will probably be another Archos!
604WIFI, A70G8, A80G9 250 Turbo, Archos MP3 player