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amazon app bloatstore

Posted: Wed Jan 16, 2013 4:04 am
by viking
I'm disappointed with the amazon app store, which used to be praised here for its free app promotions. That app has bloated out to nearly 100mb of precious app space, and now i find if i uninstall it, the darn apps downloaded from amazon have a builtin alarm that says amazon store needs to be there and logged into.

I dont use their free pay apps, just stuff i can get free from google as well. So i guess i have to uninstall amazon apps and reinstall from google, possibly losing a lot of setup data. Well, this may behave a bit different on different versions of android, and google has its own bloatware forced on me in the form of google+ and playbooks, but be warned... And i never did like the way amazon wont let you get uninstalled apps off of their myapps list, as well as those email bills for 0.