Problem with ARCHOS VISION and copy protection?

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Problem with ARCHOS VISION and copy protection?

Post by mrobertson »

Hello - new user, grateful for some advice.

I have purchased an ARCHOS 1s Vision player in order to listen to my talking books. I download my books from a local library, using something called an OverDrive Media Console. All the books have some sort of copy protection on them, and they expire after 2 weeks.

I can copy the downloaded files on to the device fine, but when trying to play a message appears saying 'Warning File format not supported.' The files are .wma in extension.

I have tried downloading what I think to be a firmware update - but not 100% certain of the version. When I try to update it on the device, it asks for the USB to be plugged back in and then instantly fades to white.

Can the ARCHOS 15 vision device actually play wma files with DRM protection on them, out of box, or will they always need to be ripped? Or have I just used the wrong firmware etc?

With many thanks
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Re: Problem with ARCHOS VISION and copy protection?

Post by roylovelock »

im not sure you can play protected wma files on the device, i have also used overdrive in the past and found the only way to actually listen to them was to rip the encoding out, but here isnt the place for that sort of chat, google will give you some good quick examples on this.
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