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404 Video question

Posted: Wed Jun 20, 2007 3:31 pm
by Skyfall
Hey guys, thinking about getting myself a 404, just wondering though from the bad syndicated reviews I've read of it none of them mention the video playback options.

In particular I would like to know if the 404 "stretches" the video file if it is not 4:3 ratio? Or will it just fit it on screen at the default aspect ratio (letterboxing)? Really not a fan of only using half of my screen =/

Thanks in advance.

Posted: Wed Jun 20, 2007 9:58 pm
by ETM
You can either view it letterboxed, or fullscreen, or you can use the Auto feature, where it's halfway between fullscreen and letterboxed - crops a bit from both sides, leaves thin black bars top and bottom.

Posted: Wed Jun 20, 2007 10:38 pm
by Skyfall
Thanks for the answer :D

Went to a local store and tried one out but the sample video on the thing was obviously 4:3 so no way of seeing what difference the settings made. I'm really quite impressed with the thing will be buying myself one on payday and i think my brother is going to sell his ipod video and get one too.

Maybe you'll see me posting more :)