Max file size and playing large mp4 to tv

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Max file size and playing large mp4 to tv

Post by nhoover »

I have been experimenting with encoding DVDs to mp4. I use Nero Recode at typically about 2mbps. One file I encoded was about 2.2GB and the 404cc refused to play it. I assume there is a 2GB file size limit as I redid it at 1.5mbps and the resulting 1.7GB file plays fine. Can anyone verify?

That 1.7GB mp4 plays great, except when I play to a TV through the Archos cable. All the other mp4 files I've encoded play fine that way although the biggest one is just under 1GB. For the one that's 1.7GB, it plays for a random amount of time, 1-10 minutes, then the 404cc reboots itself. I am using the latest firmware. Has anyone else seen this problem? I wonder if it's aspect ratio-related or what? The problem file is 720x306.

Final question: for the few minutes that it works, playing the 720x306 mp4 file onto my widescreen TV comes out in the wrong aspect ratio, slightly squashed vertically. The black bars at top and bottom of the screen are a bit too big. I've tried in both display modes, 4:3 and 16:9. Anyone know how to fix that?

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Post by roylovelock »

Hi mate,
First of all AVI (mp4 as you have called them) have an container max of 2gb so it will fail, the archos players can read upto 4gb files (vob files) without a problem but not avi. This isnt an issue with the player but the format itself.
You really dont need to go that high on the bit rate. I have Anydvd installed and rip dvds directly using pocket divx encoder, this will get the exact ratio suitable for your player. The majority of films i encode around the 2hr mark are about 800mb so 1.7gb let alone 2.2gb is a bit extreme.
As for the file playing and crashing the unit, this is 9/10 times caused by a broken frame on the file itself. I dont like nero recode its slow and ive never achieved the results i wanted. There are plenty of free rippers etc all over the net that will do a far better job, if you look in the 604/504 area you will find loads recomended.
With the black bars you can remove them using the onboard zoom, just hit menu, then format, and select from auto, full screen, maximzed and original.
have fun and i hope that was some help

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Thanks for the advice. I used the software you recommended and sure enough it resulted in a 645MB file. It's only 320x176 but looks ok when played back on a 46" widescreen TV. No crashes with this one either.

This level of compression and low resolution is fine I guess until I get used to watching everything in HD.

The AnyDVD guys are having a 20% sale until June 24 too.
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Post by jntaylor63 »

I don't think that MP4 have the same 2 gig file size limit. My AVI files can go over 2 gig, but not 4 on an NTFS drive.

The FAT32 format hits the 4 gig file size 1st
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Post by ETM »

I know how to bypass the 2GB limit on the AVI, but haven't tried playing such a file yet. It can be done using AviSynth.
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