just bought 404 - please read

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just bought 404 - please read

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I hope this isn't sounding repetitive, but I've just bought a 404 and can only watch one of the 20 videos I've put on it. Is there a simple way to get a FREE program/codec which I can simply transfer on to the root directory (or elsewhere) on my 404, and it will start playing them?
It's MPEG1 and AC3 that it needs; I'm not a very technically literate person, is there an easy (and free0 way to solve this?
I just wanna watch Firefly already !!!
Please repost for me here folks

AC3 needs cinima now

Post by gobin »


I ran into this same problem with a couple of mpeg2/mp4 video's that had ac3 audio. It's the AC3 digital audio that's preventing the file from loading as it is enabled by the cinema now plugin for use with the docking stations digital coax out. The plugin will downconvert the audio for your headphones or the speaker, but you still need the plugin.

You should be able to use something like AutoGK or TMPG Encoder to downconvert the digital audio into stereo so the file can be played back, but it's time consuming and not really for the technically illiterate.

I bought the plugin bundle and as others on the forum have mentioned, the plugin's require your archos's serial number to be activated when you purchase it online. It seems the device is locked down pretty good, so it may be a while before someone cracks it.

Be careful of posts on other forums/file sharing that claim to have the plugins as they usually contain viruses. Don't be to bummed with archos not including this feature out of the box though. Someone has to pay for the mpeg2 license, and at least it makes the device cheaper at retail, and gives you choice, if you want to purchase it.
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