battery bulge failure - early warning signs!

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battery bulge failure - early warning signs!

Post by roylovelock »

hi peeps

thought i would pass this on, a friend of mine from work asked me why his 404 wasnt lasting that long, he said he was only getting an hour life out of the battery from a full charge when playing mp3s. being an long term user i told him to order a new battery and then i will fit it for him.

well the battery arrived yesterday and he brought in the machine to work so i could do the job when i got home, he put the machine in his bag then within 15 -20 min the machine buckled and the back plate popped out (journey to work).
knowing what the problems was i quickly managed to get a swiss army knife to do some emergancy surgary on the machine, i quickly removed the cell and dumped it, that thing looked like it was about to split.

ive since put the new cell in and the machine is ok now (other than the butchers job i done to rescue it),
so word of warning - if your battery life is just terrible or you have left the machine uncharged for a long length of time (which happended in this case), just remove the battery, it will kill the machine, when the cells fail they put a hell of a lot of pressure on the screen and mainboard, if i hadnt been quick it would have written off this poor machine.

i was suprised just how quick the failure occured,

to recap, battery life unusable - get that cell out of there NOW.

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Re: battery bulge failure - early warning signs!

Post by AndyC22 »

Good advice. However they are not always write-offs in the case of the batteries splitting. I had left my player on a dusty side for 6 months, probably not a good idea in itself. When I returned to it the case had bulged, opened her up and the battery had split, nasty stuff all over the insides. Anyway rather than spending another x-amount of £ on a replacement machine I purchased a replacement battery. Winged it, put it in and the machine still works fine till this day. =D>
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Re: battery bulge failure - early warning signs!

Post by citizen01 »

Yes. Good advice. I bought a 404 cheap from someone who never did any research and already had the back plate pop off due to battery bulge. The four screw plates were destroyed so the plate was just taped on. I replaced the battery with no problems. The HD had been damaged during the extended bulge and finally died. Fortunately, I had an extra 30G HD from a Creative Lab Zen Vision M on hand. I installed that with no problem. Unfortunately, it does not contain the serial code that allows the Archos operating system to recognize it. So until somebody can advise me how to hack this problem, I am stuck with an Archos and DVD station that can only be used as a USB mass storage device.

I found a website that will do this but the cost stopped me.
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