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crashed disk during flash ROM read...

Posted: Mon Apr 12, 2010 9:12 pm
by Logik
A couple months ago i accessed the intel flash chip on my 604Wifi,
i started to perform a bit for bit copy (comparing every bit in process),
i knocked my archos off my computer crashing the disk and the archos rebooted.
When trying to access the partially created file and most music files, the archos kept rebooting,
i managed to delete most of the bad music/other files.
I now use external USB ports for music storage, connected via a diy USB Dock.
The HDD still spins up (boots firmware), it just has a few bad sectors now (probably a scratched data layer).

I have found myself some pads under the mainboard insulator behind the battery. If anyone already knows or has discovered what signals different pads expose, i would like to hear from them as i have little equiptment to work with(a volt meter and a sound card as an oscilliscope, thats all).

Thanks in advance,