hard drive change or not?

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hard drive change or not?

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I have a 604 wifi and when im using it it will suddenly go off. The hard drive makes a squealing noise and then it goes off. I have formatted it but its still the same. Im wondering if its completely wrecked or if it fixable ie can I make it bypass the bad bit somehow. If not then can I change the hard drive in it. I am thinking no but then I read Juniors posts and he suggests they can but he seems to have disappeared so im not sure now.

I need this working for my job and cant work without it. I did post to ask about the 605 and how it saves video files differently to my 604 but ive had no replies so im desperate to know if I need to buy another unit or if I can repair the one I have.

Please help if you can.
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Re: hard drive change or not?

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sounds like the drive could be dead, but you could always check the connector first. mine worked loose originally and caused the machine to freeze then turn off.
next the battery there are 2 small philips head screws and another 2 on the oposite side, remove these and take the back plate off. you will see the tiny drive in there, carefully remove the ziff ribbon and then re attach it, hopefully this will fix it if the drive is ok.
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