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Archos 504 recording automatic shut off?

Posted: Sun Aug 25, 2013 7:52 pm
by Billyandtash
Hi, just acquired 504 as doing some long trips with the kids and wanted to be able to play content without changing a DVD (portable) all the time.
I have the dvr station as well. Most of my recordings will be coming from sky as I've full subscription and I'm rubbish on a computer.
I've successfully wired it in and it all seems ok. I'm using the jack points directly into back of sky box into dvr then the scary lead into TV. But I've also got my hd I lead surpassing them so I can view in hd.
The only problem I'm having is I've tried to record something's for the kids gone back some time later and noticed the picture has frozen on the archos, first time at 45 mins next at 23 then at just 3 mins. The hard drive is empty so it should nt be that issue, I've removed battery and turned it back on. I THINK I've installed new firmware(like I said rubbish on comp)
I've just found the reset button so I'm hoping that cures it.
I have searched the forum but can't find this problem any where.
Thanks in advance

Re: Archos 504 recording automatic shut off?

Posted: Mon Aug 26, 2013 7:39 pm
by Billyandtash
Hi guys I think I've sorted it. Like I stated I'm rubbish on comp. after a little bit more messing around I found a part of the menu I had nt dabbled with, I did a full reset and re loaded the new firmware. It turned its self off, then when it came back on the screen colour had changed. So I'vevrecorded something's and its staying on to record them. So hopefully all done.