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Can anyone help me format my Archos 504 to NTFS?

Posted: Thu Nov 29, 2012 10:40 pm
by Esha
:?: Oh please, after all this time has anyone out there managed to successfully format an Archos 504 160gb to NTFS?. I have recently bought a Nexus 7 android, and as it has no sd card slot, I want to be able to use my old Archos 504 as a stand alone external hard drive to play large files from to my Nexus. Nearly all the files I want to put on it are very large files (in excess of 3.99gb) and as it stands the Archos does not accept files over 3.99gb. I understand from things I've been reading that it is not exactly plain sailing formatting this device, but would love it if someone has been able to do it and could run me through the procedure step by step. I don't want to brick my Archos, as it's still a really good piece of kit and has stood me in good stead for many years now, so if anyone is confident that they can guide me through the procedure safely and successfully, I would be very grateful. Many thanks

Re: Can anyone help me format my Archos 504 to NTFS?

Posted: Sat Dec 01, 2012 7:40 pm
by fredc
You can format the drive through usb, backup the root folders, format from the pc, then copy back the folders. However the archos was designed to operate on a fat32 file system and I don't think the archos operating system will work on ntfs, but I have never tried it. So the internal format cannot be used to get back to fat32, you would have to format through usb again, using a free utility if using windows since microsoft won't allow a fat32 format bigger than around 30GB.

If you want to play large files, split them in 2 with an avi file splitter. The archos will record long movies but splits tham into 2GB file chunks and plays them back seamlessly if named correctly in order. The original avi container spec was a max size of 2GB, there are machines that play or create 4GB avi but it is chance whether the files will work on everything. Obviously there is no problem on pcs in comparison.

If you don't want to play files on the archos you could format it ntfs, but it would only be an external hard drive, and might not even work as that if the rom operating system cannot read internal ntfs.