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Generation 4, 504 upgrade from 250 GB upto 500 GB hybrid SSD

Posted: Fri May 04, 2012 1:44 am
by optical10
Having nearly filled the capacity on my present 250 GB, which is causing massive slowdown whilst updating the library and access times. I have also noticed that certain music sub directory folders have started to not appear when I browse via the Archos but are present when connect to a PC via USB and use the Archos as a PC drive. So whilst looking for a reasonably sized SSD at the right price and the right dimensions I stumbled across this Momentus XT Solid State Hybrid Drive 500 GB hybrid SSD at £95 including VAT.
I read a review here at ZNET UK and it was a no-brainer on price per gigabyte and price per performance gain versus a standard SSD at 480 GB perhaps £379 including VAT, that's after a 22% discount this bank holiday weekend which I presume reverts back to another £110 if I don't press the trigger before the offer ends.
Even though it will not be a complete waste if this doesn't work, as I can use it on my HP laptop if needs be, I thought I would see if anybody else has gone this route to upgrading any of the various generations of Archos PMP's tablets using a hybrid SSD all standard SSD drive?

Any thoughts appreciated