18 sec video bug guide (and other videos that stop short)

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Does anyone know a Linux equivalent for this program?

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Pocket divx encoder is based on Vdub, and as vdub is also linux but windows based.
BUT here is a link to a clone version of Vdub for linux. The program is called Avidemux, im unable to test as i dont currently have linux so please let us know how you get on.


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Just tried using this to get rid of the "Quarterpixel GMC" error that I get with some videos and it didn't work for me using the above mentioned settings... Any ideas? Thanks!
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i just downloaded it but it doesnt have the archos 604/605 option anymore
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Re: 18 sec video bug guide (and other videos that stop short

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roylovelock wrote:I thought i would write a short guide to a quick way of solving video files that have broken frames and stop around the 18sec mark.
wouldn't that be videos which are stored as extended ODML AVI? In this case, our SW was only playing the "legacy" chunk. We have a fix for this in newer firmwares.

Can you make such a 18s video available to us?
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