hard drive format

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hard drive format

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after getting file system error fat is corrupted I formatted hard drive. roylovelock says after formatting hard drive remake files i.e. video system music Help how do you do this?? He also says then reload firmware, my computer says I need to download an AOS file opener, dont understand. Finally how do you reflash the unit?Thanks
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Re: hard drive format

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I'm sending along some instructions from another posting which may help you out - - -

hi, I have an archos 504 , i dont know what was up on my mind but i decided to format my archos 504 .
the problem is that i choose to do that from my windows and not from the archos himself .
i did a quick format with the windows tool , and than i tryed to turn it on it was going crazy , i pushed the rest button under the battery and its look like its just make it worse , after that the archos did not want to turn on , i aleardy said goodbye from him and than after 10 min i pluged him to the usb cabel and he turned on , he is taking me to a screen that says:
recovery (code 4)
would you like to recover your system ?
repair disk
format disc
whatever i choose the archos restarts itself and brings me back to the some screen that says :
recovery update
connect your device to your PC and install update file
when i press the done button it makes this sound from the computer of connecting\ disconnecting a usb device , but i dont see the archos on my computer .
please help me to save my archos thx
Answer from roylovelock Moderator Posts: 3173 Location: essex uk

Nearly there, enter recovery and DONT HIT THE DONE BUTTON,
When you get that screen NOW connect to the pc and copy accross your firmware you downloaded from archos (your player will show up normally in windows xp and above).
once that is completed NOW HIT DONE.
The machine will then find the firmware and load it, if i had £10 every time i saw and answered this question i would be able to retire, let us know how you get on roy
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