DVR station USBÔÇÖs connection to PC error (504)

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DVR station USBÔÇÖs connection to PC error (504)

Post by optical10 »

IÔÇÖve just picked up and 80 GB 504 and DVR Station off eBay and IÔÇÖm pretty sure that the 504 is okay because I can connect with the proprietary Archos USB cable to any of my PCs but when I tried to connect via the DVR Station USBÔÇÖs to the said PCs I get this error message.

ÔÇ£USB Device Not Recognized.
One of their USB device is attached to this computer has malfunctioned, in Windows does not recognize it. For assistance in solving this problem, click this message.ÔÇØ

IÔÇÖm connecting via the USB B type connectors (smaller connector type) on the DVR station using to USB cables I had from previous external hard drive enclosures which still work with the old hard drive enclosures.

IÔÇÖm also only connecting to Windows XP service Pack 3 (IÔÇÖve not tried Vista yet). As I said previously that 504 works flawlessly when using the proprietary USB cable to the PCs mentioned using Windows XP.

So I suppose I need to ask the question does the DVR station USB connection only work with a proprietary USB type B or A supplied by Archos as the seller didnÔÇÖt supply such a USB cable?

The 504 ship with firmware version 1.2XX firmware so I suppose I need to ask the question does the DVR station need a higher firmware for the 504 to be recognized by Windows XP service Pack 3?

I need to be pretty sharpish with this answer as I need to return the faulty DVR station to the seller, if itÔÇÖs faulty as quickly as possible, so any speedy knowledgeable answers appreciated.

Thank you
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Re: DVR station USBÔÇÖs connection to PC error (504)

Post by roylovelock »

the standard cable is fine to use, archos dont supply these cables anyways with the docks when new.
dont take offence but have you got the psu plugged in and turned on?, without power to the dock it wont be recognised by the computer.
this has caused a few ppl including myself to stumble when just bought so dont worry.
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