galaxy player ban in us?

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galaxy player ban in us?

Post by viking »

The judge tried to warn samsung against letting its trial go to jury in california. This is a state with jury pools that think celebrities like oj simpson, micheal jackson, or steve jobs could do no wrong. Now samsung is facing a ban ... -sales-ban

Ok, so samsung like microsoft pushed the boundaries of copycat... and other android makers may get cautious. But isnt this an opportunity for archos to be brave and re enter the small screen race? Their aging gen 8 model 43 is little discounted on amazon and drove me to a galaxy player 4.2 (wifi-only phone). But that is stuck at gingerbread, the sound is iffy, and very little discount.

Archos should at least reissue the 43 with honeycomb, capacitive screen, and faster cpu like the a70b. It probably isnt worth it to apple to sue archos usa... they reportedly pay lawyers thousands per hour iirc. The sgp is nice, but i find myself switching to a70 when the portability isnt a must.
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Re: galaxy player ban in us?

Post by Kodiak »

I think the small screen segment (4.3 to 7 inch) was a "niche" that Archos had, but let slip away. All the big boys were focusing on 7" or greater and I really believed that Archos could dominate this smaller segment of the market. It really was left wide open but it is not anymore.

Samsung will be issuing another 5.8" video+media player to go with the 5" and 4" they released last year. Not to mention the Note I and Note II. While this may not be an extremely profitable, or large, segment of the tablet world, they are filling a void that Archos could really have filled, and IMHO dominated, as many as 3 to 4 years ago. Had they done that they would be the "big" boy in this size.

I think the problem was that they did not have the financial strength of the big boys, and even though they may have had the "intellectual" know how, the money made them pick a more specific path to go down. So they choose the more "tried and true" path of the larger tablets, to appeal to the highest number of people. Pity though as they could produce a 5 inch video media player that was second to none as far back as 6 or 7 years ago.
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