Is the Galaxy Nexus comparable to a Gen9?

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Is the Galaxy Nexus comparable to a Gen9?

Post by Hajile_Ibushi »

Yeah i know, one is a Phone, the other is a Tablet. But they do both have 4460, SGX540, Cortex A9 and 1280x720 screens.

Just curious, coz i have the Nexus and it plays a lot more videos than the Asus Transformer TF101 despite being a phone. Neither can play 10bit, but the 4460 was decoding more videos in hardware, and the Tegra2 was resorting to software despite the latter having Tegra optimized codecs.

This is a screenie of the Nexus (Downscaled for forum posting of course, the original was 720p)
That's four videos playing at once. DICE player at full screen and three 'Stick It!' windows.

When i tried doing that on the TF101, it was already stuttering when i tried overlaying just one video.

Is there anyone there with a Gen9 that can try this? Is this kind of uber video decoding a unique feature to the Nexus or is this standard for all 4460's?
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