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Nook Simple Touch

Post by MarcusMarcus »

Anyone have experience with using one of these as a simple tablet?
I don't use my Archos 70 as much as I used to (I didn't even realize I left it at my mothers house for 2 weeks). I use my Samsung Galaxy S WiFi 5.0 for pretty much everything, it plays all the movies I have, games play smoothly, and it is more stable and smoother than my Archos 70 and is more portable. I have been only using my Archos 70 for reading and light web surfing.
I seen that the Nook Simple touch can be rooted and work as a simple tablet for reading and web surfing and was thinking about selling my Archos 70 and getting the Simple Touch for my reading and web surfing (maybe email and calendar stuff as well). I know it wont be able to play videos, music, or games and that's OK.
Would like to hear what people think of the Nook Simple Touch as a basic tablet before I decide for sure.
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Re: Nook Simple Touch

Post by kzod »

Worst idea ever. It could be done, but it's only real value is to show off to other geeks. If you primarily want to read on it, buy one (or a kobo or a kindle), nothing beats reading on an e-ink screen. But nothing would be worse than trying to browse the web on one. You'd be better off with an old palm pilot.
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