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Bought a Kindle Fire but still love my Archos 70

Posted: Thu Dec 01, 2011 4:43 am
by wiz world
I bought a Amazon Kindle Fire and I have to say,it's a great device. It's very fast on the net and the video look very very good. The Netflix app is by for the best I've seen. It's also nice to have all my Amazon life in one place.Amazon On Demand with whisper syn for movies and books and music in the cloud are all great. I am very happy with all these things but my A70 still gives me so much more. I have the 8 gig A70,the same as the fire but the archos gives more space for files. The Kindle has more room for apps but no android market, just the Amazon app store.The Amazon store is good and I was able to side load 3rd party apps but it still needs the android market.(Google)The OS is android Gingerbreadish kind of androidish thing that works very well but takes up a lot of that 8 gigs.That doesn't leave much room for on board movies,music and any thing.I guess that's why you get fee cloud storage for all your Amazon stuff which is great.The cloud is a great place for some of my stuff but Archos has always let you keep more with you. They have always had large hard drives,sd ports and usb for external hard drives.With most tables and phones today having HDMI ports, the Kindle has none. Archos has had them all the way back to the Archos TV(I have 3 of them) even if it wasn't true hd. I think this is a must have to work with today's devices.So while I think my money was well spent on the Kindle Fire I would not trade my A70 for it. The A70 still gives you most of what you get with the Kindle Fire and more. You can get the Amazon App store,and there are lots of other clould services, some free,some paid.The Kindle app works about as well as on the Kindle Fire.You don't get the lending library but that's ok for me. To sum it all up their both great devices for my gadget world.