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Nvidia Confirms Quad-Core Tablets Arriving This Year

Posted: Fri Sep 09, 2011 12:15 am
by OllieG
Nvidia Confirms Quad-Core Tablets Arriving This Year
...The confirmation took place after speaking to a roundtable of reporters on Tuesday. Huang wasn't quite as definitive about Kal-El's penetration into the smarphone market, indicating that tablets may be the only Tegra 3-based devices launching this year despite previous predictions of a 2011 release. Qualcomm and Texas Instruments expect products with their quad-core chips to be available on the market early next year.

...The new Tegra 3-powered tablets were originally slated for a summer release, but according to Huang, manufacturers are taking their time "getting the industrial design as wonderful as possible, and some of it is related to tuning and performance." The lackluster sales of non-Apple tablets is also partially to blame for the delay, as manufacturers are struggling to match the iPad's battery life and overall price while using dual-core SoCs. Incorporating a more-expensive quad-core chip will only make things worse... ... 12450.html