Gmini 200XS Battery

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Gmini 200XS Battery

Post by dawed »


My Gmini 200XS has a low Battery, with full of Charge i can here music only 20 Minutes. Is there anybody who changed the battery an have some adress an information where i can change the battery for myself?

Thank you
Daniel, Switzerland

Post by Grymie »

I replaced the battery of my xs200 sucessfully yesterday.
The battery is a E474169 1400 mAh - 3.7 V
Producers e.g.:

I purchased the battery via ebay (Germany).

Soldering is needed to change it and to me it was quite difficult, cause I don't know (and did not dare to try) how to remove the display- and HDD-plugs.
Details if asked ;)

HTH, Grymie
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