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transferring music

Post by agreenblatt »

I just got an XS202. I transferred music from my home computer using Windows Media Player -- no problem. I've been trying to transfer music from my work computer. The device seems to have the music -- but it doesn't show up as "Albums" or under "Genre" or the other music folders.

Anyone know what I might be doing wrong or need to do? Thanks for advice.

Post by Ender »

The ARCLibrary dosn't recognize files that aren't in the Folder \music\.
How do you transferred your music to the device?
If the music is in the music Folder, try a Menue\Setup\PlayMode\Update ARCLibrary.
If this does not work, use the File Browser to browse to your files. If you don't find them where you stored them, it is possible that the music is in the wrong format. The player only Plays MP3/WMA/WAV files
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