Remote control for gmini 100 on gmini 402cc

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Remote control for gmini 100 on gmini 402cc

Post by fedcas »

I just bought a remote control. It was written "for gmini 100 series" on the box, but I bought it anyway because the connector was the same and I thought there were good probability it might work on my 402cc as well.

In fact it works great... but I just notice it has a really annoying problem. The microphone on the remote is alwasy on! So I always hear some background noise! If I'm listening to something and the volume is not too low I can't hera it, but I don't like the idea anyway... it is really annoying...

Is there someone that uses the remote? Do you think my problem is due to the fact the remote is for gmini 100?

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Post by roylovelock »

its not the mic mate, ive used the old archos remotes on most of my players and this is a common fault that they never fixed. You can hear the lcd desplay on the remote clicking at low volumes, if you watch the desplay then you will see these noises happen as the screen scrolls.
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