MediOS, AONES & more for GMini 400

First compact PMP (2004)
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MediOS, AONES & more for GMini 400

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Firstly, I'd like to apologize for my English spoken which is not very good, it's not my mother language and I don't practice...

Well, I just found my Gmini 400 I didn't used for years, and what a surprise when I saw a youtube video of a NES emulator running on this device :shock:
Yeah... I'm a nostalgic guy from a very small town...

Well, I started to look for these emulators, and i found names like, gligli, oxygen77, aones, aosms, mediOS, ... But all the links are dead, forum are empty and battery life too short (ehem)

I only found the source code of MediOS (it seems to be an alternative OS well known by the "old" and "disappeared" gmini community) which contains the source code of such emulators. Mmm...
but I can't find a compiled version of anything... As I supposed the compilation will take me a very long time (if it works...), I prefer ask if anyone does keep a copy of either zips or mediOS binaries, and their installation steps...

Thanks you!
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