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problems with pocketdish av402e

Posted: Sun Feb 17, 2013 12:55 pm
by iwonder
I recently installed a new battery. The old one expanded to about 10x its size and split the case. Now the new bat is in. I plugged the ac adapter in and the power light comes on along with the charge light. The power light is constant but the charge light blinks. When i first plugged it in the screen came on. Now I cant power it off. The power light stays on even when i disconnect the ac power cord. It seems to be getting very hot and i'm afraid it will burst the new battery. any ideas what could be wrong? Why wont it power on even though the power indicator light is on and why can't i get it to power off. also why did my on screen disappear? I can't get it to do anything! Any ideas? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks P.S. I can't find the original power cord so i found a cord that will fit. It's from a Logitech something. Model# 190162-0000input: 100-127v~0.3a 50-60Hz
Output: 5.8 volts 1A 5.8VA Is this the right power cord/charger? If not what should I be using? Do you think this is causing my problem? Like I said it worked fine for a moment but now it will not do anything, and the power light won't go off. But as I already mention when i plug it in the charge light comes on. PLEASE help ASAP! I really miss my pocket dish. I'm boycotting the sling adapter. I dislike it when i have a device that will do almost the same thing. P.S. forgot to mention everyso seldome the HDD red light will flash also if that means anything to anyone. Thanks again for all your help!!!!