firmware 13.11 plays louder than 15.12 !

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firmware 13.11 plays louder than 15.12 !

Post by Helfried »

Today I had the chance to compare a 402cc with my 402 and I noticed a significant difference in maximum audio-volume.
I found out the reason was my 402 still had fw 13.11 (because of medios) while the 402cc worked with version 15.12.
I made some tests, downgraded and upgraded both devices and compared the audiovolume:
The older firmware 13.11 has ca. 6dB more max. outputlevel than 15.12.

That means archos decreased the volume in the last version - why ?
But if you have a 402 with fw 15.12 and you want it louder - downgrade to 13.11:
You'll find the downgrader here: ... alleryId=5

can't downgrade firmware to 1.3.11

Post by piano0011 »

Hello! I have followed the instruction and have got 1.5.12 firmware for archos gmini 402 but the second time when I copy the file to my system directory and update it, it still stays version 1.5.12 and not 1.3.11.....

Thanks for your kind assistance.
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