line in volume and auto shut off

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line in volume and auto shut off

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I have just purchased a new gmini 402. I know this is an older player, but its hard to find a player these days with the features I need..being line in recording to wave, and drag and drop interface (and lots of space). I am a proffessional musician who likes to record his various rehearsals using my sony ecmms907 mic..which i first used with a mini disc player, then with my iriver 120, and now with the 402. Problem is, the recording volume of the 402 is incredibly low. With the input volume at full, you can yell directly into the mic and barely get the peak level past half way. I recorded my rock band at full input level and have a little quiet recording to show for it. If I set my (now expired) iriver 120 at full input with the mic in the middle of a rock band rehearsal, it would be way too loud!! I know there are expensive and bulky pre amp options out there..but why bother with the line in with such a uselessly low input level!? The built in mic level is way loud enough, but of course you get a less good sounding recording and the sound of the hdd spinning. Also, I wish the auto shut off could be set past 9 min. on the battery setting, like the ac adapter setting can be. We work on an arrangement between takes and I have to boot up the player again to start the next recording..bummer. Doubt there's anything that can be done about these gripes, but maybe someone out there knows something I don't..that line in stuff really bothers me because I researched players in depth and for weeks before tracking the 402 down...I could have bought a lot of other players if I was just going to use a crappy built in mic. Todd
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It seems you havent set the Input Set to: "In-Line Analog" instead of Microphone....
That if you are using another mic that is not the built in one... also if you are using the "InLine" set you get to choose how loud you want to record, by clicking right or left arrows it will change the recording volume....

And as for the auto shut off it does pass the 9 min... it goes to "never" right after that... no it will never shut off... until it run out of battery

The player will not shut off while playing or recording... if so, then there is something wrong with it...

hope you figure it out by this time
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