Battery duration

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Battery duration

Post by fedcas »

I have a gmini 402 CC but it seems strange to me that the battery lasts so short... I mean, some days ago I went out shooting photos, I transfered the content of the SD 4 or 5 times when it became full (the SD is a 512MB one, so I transfered a total of about 2-2.5 GB...) using the usb host, and after that 1 block remained in the battery charge indicator (I had completely charged the player during the previous night). Also if I attach the gmini to the TV using the video output, the battery runs down very quickly... I think 1 or 2 hours, but I've not measured it...

One of these days I'll tray to leave the player alone playing some music, but I think that even while playing music the duration is less than decleared (about 10 hours If I'm not mistaken)

Is it normal? That is probably the only thing about this player that left me disappointed

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Post by roylovelock »

Hi mate,
What im suspecting is the unit is probo a year or so old now... correct?
Also you probally have ran the player down to empty so it shuts down all the time.
The batterys in the 402 are lithium ion (maybe poly but dosnt matter) and they dont like to be ran down completly, thus now the thing is giving u reduced battery life.
Even when the batterys are treated with kid gloves there is a finite amount of charges it will take, using the cam and usb host will also knock the battery life.

If you go to they supply the batterys, this will solve the problem. They are suppose to be ok to fit (mine still running fine atm) but looking at it the terminals are soldered to the mainboard, when you get the battery chop off the old one leaving about an inch or so on the mainboard (attach the battery to these flyleads) as its a right pig to solder on the board plus it would be to easy to short out the terminals and cause damage to the payer itself.

good luck

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I saw PSP backup battery pack the other day, can they be used for Gmini400? the battery says
Input 100-240V, 0.24-0.14A 50/60Hz
Output 5V 2000mAh
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