Car charger for the GMINI400

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Car charger for the GMINI400

Post by sooner_luvr »

It seems like I remember reading that the PSP charger will work for the GMINI400 - is this right?

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Post by lhmaz »

I use the old nokia charger and it's ok
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Post by roylovelock »

psp charger will and does work, i use it regually on 604 / 405 / 300 and my gmini 402. All you need to make sure is its a positive tip at 5volts. One thing to bere in mind is not to have the player plugged in when starting, i blew a charging circuit fuse on my 300 from a spike when starting.
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Post by regulator »

i had / have a psp charger that i got from radio shack.. the thing with that was that the tip never fit very snugly, so it was always coming off when i hit a bump. it was really annoying because it would never charge constantly.. but i think there are certain models that fit better than others
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