Trouble with AVI files

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Trouble with AVI files

Post by getmigs »

Hi. I am new to my Archos and new to this forum.
I have tried doing a search on this topic but have not found a response.
My Archos only plays .wmv files and not .avi files.
I have dragged AVI files onto the Archos and the files won't even go across much more play.
I don't know if I am doing something wrong and how to make it work.
I am also, not too savvy with computers to wanted to get some assistance form people that might know.
Any advice would help.

trouble with .avi files


getmigs.i am currently using XILISOFT dvd ripper PLATINUM,this software rips a dvd then converts it into an .avi file which will transfer onto the 402,the only downer is it creates TWO files,no.1 being 800mb[approx.1hr.20mins.],the rest of the film is on the other file,i am currently looking to see whether i can get a full film,compressed to about a gig,into a single file,i"ll let you know
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Post by roylovelock »

you can also use pocket divx encoder (freeware) which will get all the ratios correct on the video for you and its automated. Very good piece of software that ive personally been using for a few years now.

Edit, you will need to make sure the player is switched to HDD mode not windows for files to drag accross correctly, to do this go into the settings, the you will see windows device displayed, switch this to hard drive and you should be ok.
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Post by forkart »

you can also try to use DVD to VCD AVI DivX Converter to convert dvd movie to avi and wmv. It works well for me.
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