Synchronize picture on external memory card with Gmini402cc?

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Synchronize picture on external memory card with Gmini402cc?

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I purchased (2nd) Gmini402cc while ago, and I am using it to backup picture from my digital camera. This unit is handy for backing up picture without carrying laptop for hiking or camping.

Question I want to ask users of Gmini402cc is about undocumented feature of "synchronizing picture". I am sure that I did not see this feature on manual, but I found this command when I plugged in USB card reader to USB host port of Gmini402cc.

If you plug in the USB card reader to USB host port, Gmini shows split screen with files on memory card on left side. At this moment, there is a "Folder" button at F3 key (right most button below LCD). If you press the F3 key, there is a "Synchronize" command. If you press OK button (upper right button), Gmini copies picture from memory card to Gmini itself. If I take some more pictures and use the same function, Gmini only copies new files since last "synchronize".
This was great! Well, until I encounter the same problem twice.

After a while, Gmini stop copying files even though I took new pictures.
When this happens, my PC does not recognize Gmini anymore. If I plug in Gmini to PC via USB, PC would ask me if I want to format disk.
I can still play MP3 songs on Gmini, but PC does not recognize.

First, I thought HDD died. So I purchased new HDD and reformatted it.
For a while it worked as normal, but when I synchronize many pictures, the same problem happened again. At this time, I had to reformat Gmini and copy all MP3 back to the unit.

I wonder if anyone else has used this feature or not. If so, I want to ask whether you had same problem (PC not recognizing Gmini) or not.
I like this feature because I don't have to copy pictures from each folder to Gmini one by one.

Please help.
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