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Dissaster ARCHOS

Posted: Wed Nov 09, 2011 2:22 pm
by Borja Luque
I also have trouble both, with the battery and hard disk of my AV400. I have tried to get support 5 or 6 times in Archos website where I am registered. I only asked them where I could send my device to be repaired, as there is no service for it anymore in Spain, it was impossible to be heard or get aa answer.
I am really dissapointed with these people, I feel frustrated, I paid around 600 euros for this device and think I deserve a better treatment from the company, but they must be very busy selling tablets and androids to help me with my old machine. It will probably happen to all of you in the future....

Now I am thinking of two options; repairing the device or buying a new one. I like the first option, but I live in Spain and don┬┤t know if I will be able to find spares for hard disk and battery here, I am also not very good at electronics or repairing...

Do you think I should just buy a new device?????

Thanks a lot,

Borja Luque

Re: Dissaster ARCHOS

Posted: Wed Nov 09, 2011 3:28 pm
by fredc
Batteries can be had here

If your hard drive is a 2.5 in type, I would replace it, since they were not locked to the device in those days, and you can still just about get ide drives.

Unfortunately Archos support while the device was current was not the best, and once it was replaced, was worse. One of the reasons Archos remained an enthusiast device rather than a mass market one.