need replacement part

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need replacement part

Post by poldemol »


My archos av440 is working fine, but the input-output jack for video and audio is broken.

so i mean this input part ... gaXq_W_PCw

Is there anyone who knows where i can buy this input part?
nemmp3technology does not... :(


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Re: need replacement part

Post by Boxterr »

i would talk to archos customer support.
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Re: need replacement part

Post by roylovelock »

your best bet would be to open it up and see if its a standard part (i have a feeling it is with the remote mounted either side). archos wont do anything as they have quoted to members on here that the av500 is now a legacy item and wont repair.
You could be in luck if its just a standard part that you could purchase in an normal electrical shop.
Or you may find it just got dirty contacts / dry solder joints.
Another direction you could go if that dosnt work is get a broken av400 / gmini 400 / gmini 402 / av500 and use the parts from them as i think they are basically the same setup.
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