AV400 power issue

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AV400 power issue

Post by boltisinpenicuik »

hi people i have a av400 here that has power issues, when plugged in to mains it will say its charging but the battery does not seem to charge. also when i hold the power button you can hear the device power up and the hard drive inside makes the powering up sound but as soon as you let the power button off the unit powers down again instantly also when it powers up the screen does not light up or come on at all.now i know its not the battery as i have tryed a couple of other power sources and 2 seperate battery's.

any information would be gr8ly appreciated
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Archos Novice
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Re: AV400 power issue

Post by drkhrse »

I don't have the key sequence to get to the format handy but you'll need to know it.

I had the same issue. For some reason I tried this and got the device to power up in a sub mode that allowed me to download all the files off it.

plug into usb and hit the format sequence buttons.

this should bring up a base OS with light blue background. The device is now downloadable.

Next you'll need to format it from the PC.

Hopefully you have the AOS file for reloading the firmware (I don't remember if I had to do this or not).

Do it from the command prompt. You want to kill all hidden information that is corrupted.

Another thing I learned is that if you format NTFS it scrubs hidden information. If you format NTFS it will fail and tell you to turn off a property like safe removal.

Write down what it says and then goto windows explorer, right click, properties, turn of safe removal (what you wrote down).

Go back to command prompt and do ntfs format and then fat 32.

the hard drive is now completely clean.

click safely remove hardware and remove the archos.

try turning it on again.

As near as I can tell is there is a hidden partition that got corrupted and you need to wipe it out.

I have been using mine ever since.

Archos has no idea about this apparently. I just got lucky finding it.
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