Video Recording Problems

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Mr. Sheep
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Video Recording Problems

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I ran into this forum by accident while trying to solve a problem by googling it. I'm new to this forum and I have a problem. I've had my AV420 for 4 years now, and I've never parted with it. I love this thing. Anyway, lately I've a problem recording on it. When I record from the T.V. for instance, I'll make the right connections, turn on the recorder, but the video won't show up. All I get is a still screen of colored vertical lines. The audio though is working well. When I cancel the recording option, it won't go back. I have to either hold the "x" button for 10-15 seconds to shut it off, or remove the battery. Does anybody know how to fix this problem? It doesn't seem there is anything on the internet on how to fix this. Thank you.
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Re: Video Recording Problems

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hi welcome to the forum
have you checked the leads, at 4 years of age they are most likely worn out, or the connector on the player could be at the end of its life. i have a av400 around here somewhere and will try to check out where the problems could arise. but i suspect the leads or connections if it was working perfectly ok before hand.
archos has moved on a long way since this excellent little player - the 5 (gen 6 model) can be picked up pretty cheaply now - but you will also need to purchase a mini dvr / dock to record.
I wouldnt like to say replace your leads just incase you need a new mainboard.
Have you been though the options and checked they are correct for your area, ie pal or ntsc?, if the battery has remained flat for a long period (or removed) these settings can be lost.
its been some years since i fired mine up so i cant remember the layout, but i will try to find her and see what i can come up with.
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