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PostPosted: Thu Apr 26, 2012 8:43 am 
Archos User
Archos User

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For Charbax or any other MODs, I'm curious if you expect to see anything else from Archos besides Tablets for the next few quarters?

Obviously, it's in Archos' best interest to gain a foothold in this rapidly-developing market, but they have in the past explored other device types, and it seems like there might be an advantage in using these technology partners to explore other avenues.

The PMP market, for one, has been left out completely in G9, there's not even an Arnova option so far correct? (All of the Vision products are a year or two old, correct?) It sounds like maybe the smartphone market has put traditional PMPs out of popularity, but if there's any room there, those old Android 2.8", 3.2" and 4.3" sizes are in need of a processor upgrade. And the Visions are interesting, but there's just too much market split, the only ones that stick out are the Clipper, the 10b (thanks to its cute bullet shape, and maybe the 3Cam. There is clearly innovation in Archos' PMP line (there's the built-in FM transmitter, and the 50b has HDMI-out ... not enough use of Mini-SD for my tastes, though.) Is there any room for something else in this market (and have you heard of any Archos plans here?)

Then there's the home video market: the set-top streaming box and the DVR. Archos was an early explorer of both in the Archos TV device and its Gen5-7 recording adapters for its portable media devices. Recording, however, has been missing for quite a while, and even with the explosion of set-top streaming/app devices, Archos is nowhere to be seen (unless you count Tablets hooked up through HDMI.) I'm wondering if it's time for them to get back into that game? AverMedia has a bunch of self-contained DVRs (including a few HD 1080i-capture models,) so we're finally seeing some exploration back into that market after it imploded a few years ago. And Google TV is not a hit but it could be worth getting involved in (especially if it's built into a DVR, that seemed to be half the reason why so many people didn't understand the point of this machine.) Even if Archos doesn't get back into video recording, their handling of codecs and high-power processors and Android OS customization and app store management could give them a leg up over some of these other box makers like Roku.

One area Archos hasn't stepped into much is the digital ink text reader market. They have devices labeled eReaders, but they are just regular tablets of varying quality. Is there no innovation or way into the digital ink market for Archos? (I'm not sure what "killer app" hasn't been tried here that's in Archos' toolbag aside from maybe FM radio?) An eReader with something like a Pixel Qi screen would be huge, but we've not seen Archos make any moves in that direction.

There are also other form factors that either haven't been explored or haven't worked out. The "media alarm clock" devices like Home Connect and Sony Dash both failed, but I think pricing was a big issue there, maybe it could work? Digital home phones don't seem attractive, but Skype or other videochat phone formats could be attractive? And there are the sports media devices (basically just PMPs with accelerometers) that could be explored. I'd even like to see something like a central home/office media device tried, all the technology is there for a powerful and wirelessly networked device, alls that's needed is a big screen.

Do you guys see any exploration from Archos in these avenues, or are they fully pot-committed to Tablets and laptop replacements?

(*I think I posted a thread similar to this a while ago, but that was probably before G10 and not as rangey...)

PostPosted: Tue Jul 31, 2012 9:45 am 
Archos Expert
Archos Expert

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We need a newer generation of archos 5 IT they should get back into making this as well. It was a cool 5" media player that has anything...but since then a while back with had a few interations but none as good. now obviously thinghs have moved on & the tech is old hat and there are far superior media players out there.

I myself still have an archos 5 IT & i love it..

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