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 Post subject: G9 Device usage stats
PostPosted: Tue Jul 16, 2013 2:26 pm 
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Not of any real importance, but here's some Archos G9 usage by specific device usage stats I grabbed from a poll over on xda-developers (I've rounded the percentage off just to make it easier here):

23% A80 G9 1ghz 512mb RAM (OMAP 4430)
22% A101 G9 1.5ghz 1gb RAM (OMAP 4460)
20% A80 G9 1.5ghz 1gb RAM (OMAP 4460)
9% A101 G9 1ghz 512mb RAM (OMAP 4430)

All other variants are below the 9% level.

I find it interesting that the first Archos tablet I bought (a 101 G9 8Meg 1GHz 512M RAM, and the one that I REALLY wanted to use most is down in the 9%.

Meanwhile, the later ones I bought (80 G9's still with only 512M RAM and oddly now actually use far more than I expected to) are in the top 23%.

What's even more interesting here though is that AFTER I had gotten an 80 I found it much nicer to work with than a 101... simply because it is really a much nicer form factor. Apparently even Apple knew that nobody really wanted the so-called "wide screen" 16:9 format and stuck with 4:3 for their iPads.

I 'thought' I'd like the 101 for its 16:9 widescreen for video playback, but then again I never did understand the logic to everything changing to 'wide screen' (even on TV). The 4:3 aspect ratio is far more pleasing to the eye to start with and actually is more useful on a tablet.

Now, having said that... I will also say though that for SMALLER devices (like smartphones and 7" tablets) the 16:9 widescreen does seem to be more tolerable.

Anyway, my point here being that people honestly DO PREFER 8" tablets with a 4:3 aspect ratio.

Maybe someday the morons in the TV and movie industry will eventually understand that ABSOLUTELY NOBODY ever wanted things to change to their (forced on us) crappy 16:9 so-called 'hi-def' TV either! Only a few weirdos ever wanted that wide-screen crap to start with, yet they seemed to FORCE it on us just to also FORCE everyone to buy new TV and/or other devices. Oh, but wait a minute, that's right now they want everyone to buy their newer HD widescreen smartphones (that nobody really needs or wants)... Sheeze, can't get rid of the morons FORCING people to think they are getting something they want even when they do not actually want it (hmm, sounds a lot like Apple telling everyone what they need before they ever had reason to need it LOL).

Archos 101 G9 8G classic (512M RAM)

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