CM7 on Archos 43. Gingerbread at last!
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Author:  davidbec [ Wed Mar 07, 2012 1:15 am ]
Post subject:  CM7 on Archos 43. Gingerbread at last!

I have successfully installed gingerbread on my Archos 43 as a dual boot using CM7 and OpenAOS

The install itself was not very difficult as long as you read the instructions carefully and do exactly what the developers tell you. I got through with mine on the first try and I was using a Windows 7 PC.

I do not have wifi were I am right now, but I will tomorrow. I will install some apps and post back with a fuller review.

For now I can say that everything so far is working. I do not have an SD card in the tablet either and I think this may be stopping the gallery from working. But not sure. The developer said that the music player would not work and you should get MX player so I will be trying to get that tomorrow.

I did a basic test on the keyboard and amazingly it seems better than the keyboard under Froyo. It's actually usable now.

The one annoyance I have is that the ADWLauncher toolbar keeps disappearing, but I'll deal with that.

The camera works for still only. It will crash if you try to do video. I will take some additional photos tomorrow and compare to Froyo.

Author:  davidbec [ Tue May 07, 2013 1:01 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: CM7 on Archos 43. Gingerbread at last!

I recently upgraded from the Bull release (I spoke about in the previous post) of gingerbread for Archos to the new Crow release which came out in December of last year.

It does not have the annoying popping in the speaker, thank God. That was really annoying. However the camera will still crash when trying to record a video. Still photos work, however the viewfinder does not. You get a black screen (at least I do) while the camera is running. The picture still takes however.

It is perfectly stable and fast. SD Card, wifi etc are all working. I have to try to mount it on the computer through USB and see whether it shows as a drive. I have Google play installed, but appslib would not work. Says that my device is not compatible. Keyboard is perfect like before.

The music player works perfectly, but the video player cannot find my videos. Neither does MX Player so perhaps I am doing something wrong.

Highly recommended.

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