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 Post subject: Re: Owner Reviews - A70
PostPosted: Tue Nov 08, 2011 6:43 pm 
Archos Novice
Archos Novice

Joined: Tue Nov 08, 2011 5:36 pm
Posts: 1
1. Archos 70 IT 8GB, with a 32GB micro SD
2. Sweden
3. Archos store
4. No Review video.
5. Latest firmware & Android version 2.2.1 & Cinema plug

Absolutely great tablet, because its size and low weight

My experiences with WiFi
I had some trouble with WiFi at home, slow connection and sometimes dropping the connection. Since I do allot of traveling I noticed that I did not have any connection problem at various hotels. It was working better when connected to some hotels Wifi. At home I scrutinized my WiFi router, tried different settings - I tried installing a better antenna (11 db) even-tough my old ZyXel router had a fixed antenna, the modification on the router failed so I purchased a new WiFi router (D-Link)
With the new router I never had any connection problem.
My conclusion is that the Archos need a bit more WiFi signal power compared to a normal laptop PC.

File format
At some time I changed the file format to from FAT32 to EXT3, since I use Ubuntu (linux) I have no trouble handling the EXT3 file format, At this time I also made a rest of the Android, which will delete some installed applications.
After this change the 70IT performance was boosted allot - much quicker.
I don't know if it had to to with EXT3 or the reset.
My internal memory and 32GB card are both formatted to EXT3.

-For web browsing, Dolphin Browser Mini its great.
-World Newspaper, quick and easy way to ready my local news papers
-There are various very nice Android apps, one that I recommend is Thumb Keyboard, set to use a 5" tablet keyboard
Writing with your thumbs is much easier, it also has cursor movements keys, witch android default keyboard are missing.

Switch to Archos 80 G9
I might switch to Archos 80 G9, when the 16Gb turbo version is released, that I will use with a 32GB card,
Reasons are:
+ Honeycomb has better Google docs functions.
+ Upload and handling of Picsasa photos works better with honeycomb.
+ Internal GPS, which I need for my sailing navigation needs.
- Size and weight, the 70It weights 300 grams, the Archos 80 G9 is 465 grams. I love the low weight of 70IT
(There is not that many tablets that weigh less that 300 grams).

My 70IT has replaced my laptop PC for all my travel, so much easier to bring, checking email, reading news papers are just enough for my traveling needs. It absolutely fantastic.


 Post subject: Re: Owner Reviews - A70
PostPosted: Tue Apr 03, 2012 4:27 pm 
Archos User
Archos User

Joined: Sun Jan 09, 2011 1:36 am
Posts: 50
Hi all!

After a year and a half of intensive usage, I have dropped it "one too many times". A little screen crack which developed into a complete crack across the screen. There is also a big blue spot on the screen and along the crack...BUT it still WORKS! =D> Go Archos go!

I can't say RIP my little 11-year-old daughter is now using it 24/7 :D

Myself, ugraded to the Gen 9 80 1.5 250 HDD ICS 4.0.5. (255Ôé¼). So far I am very happy, but I do miss the extremely portable and light 70 IT. I was just not convinced that the 70 IT2 was a real step forward, and the Galaxy 7 Plus is just way too expensive (330Ôé¼ excluding the required HDMI and USB connector!)

I guess this was my last 70 IT post. Thanks to all for the info and support! =D>

 Post subject: Re: Owner Reviews - A70
PostPosted: Mon Sep 17, 2012 6:38 pm 
Archos Novice
Archos Novice

Joined: Mon Sep 17, 2012 6:24 pm
Posts: 3
1. 250GB
2. US
3. Amazon
4. No video review

I've had my Archos 70 for about two years. Unfortunately, I'm unable to give it a good review. First off, this device is SLOW. I understand that there's going to be a speed difference in running it off of a hard drive rather than a memory chip, but I can't even play Temple Run on it due to the lag. Kindle locks up due to the speed issues and is very difficult to use. I've reloaded the OS numerous times and tried every tweak I can find without being able to improve the speed.

While I am able to play video to my TV, the resolution is far from HD. Anything dark is very hard to see and if there is a lot of movement, it becomes blocky and sometimes stalls and skips.

Twice my hard drive has become corrupt and I've had to change the drive format to recover it. Formatting it in the same format wouldn't work as the drive would still be corrupt. I had to change it from Fat32 to ext3 or vice versa. Of course when this happens, I lose everything on the drive.

The battery life is bad. Even when the unit was new, I couldn't leave it unplugged for an entire day without the battery being completely dead. And the fact that it won't charge from a USB power source is a BIG minus. Plugging it into a USB adapter in my car or from my computer will keep it playing as long as it's plugged in, but the moment it's unplugged, it will die.

Overall, I've been very displeased and am looking to replace it with a new tablet soon.

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