Tablet ready for scrapyard?
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Author:  ghict9 [ Mon Mar 31, 2014 7:16 pm ]
Post subject:  Tablet ready for scrapyard?

Hay Folks!

A couple of days ago, I bought myself a Archos 7 Home Tablet v1 (My first ever tablet! Hooray!)
It was only 20 euro's, so the price was right.
I started up the tablet for the 1st time and noticed how slow it was. But, since I was only going to use it to read pdf files and check WiFi signals, it couldn't bother me.
I Tried to watch a movie online, no luck the browser kept crashing. So I checked if what the android version was; and it was 1.5 (released like 300 years ago). So I got online and found a custom 2.3 (gingerbread) ROM. I copied it to my tablet and flashed it.

It was no good, ROM didn't support hardware acceleration, and it was very slow.
So I wanted to flash cyanogenmod 7 to it... But by then I realized i couldn't reach the internal storage of my tablet with USB ...

I Tried ADB and fastboot, adb sees my device and can reboot it... but fastboot doesn't see my device... I can't get into fastboot mode because I have no hardware keys.....

Thanks in advance!

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