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PostPosted: Wed Apr 06, 2016 9:15 am 
Archos Expert
Archos Expert

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Same as the previous post the touch screen is broke..and of course typically of have a lock pattern on it looks like I will have to take it as it is the flash/SSD version it makes matters worse of course is there any instructions on how to do this ??

PostPosted: Sat Jun 11, 2016 12:19 am 
Archos User
Archos User

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Do you mean "any instructions on how to disassemble an Archos 5 IT?" Or "any instructions on how to recover files from an Archos 5 IT?"

Recovering files is pretty simple... if you don't care about using the device anymore (which I THINK is what you're saying). The drive can be plugged into a computer running Ubuntu Linux and you can read the entire disk. That's for the HD version, of course. For the flash version... I really have no idea. You'd likely have to desolder chips and figure out how to interface them with something else. So, "reassembly" is your best bet.

You can get replacement screens relatively inexpensively. If in doubt, check in on Ebay... you can often find parts listed there, and USUALLY they're acceptable parts.

So, now, it's a bit trickier if you want to disassemble AND THEN REASSEMBLE the Archos 5 IT. It's not IMPOSSIBLE (I've done it myself multiple times) but it's challenging... and puts a LOT of strain on the attachment points (meaning that it's entirely likely that your unit won't be QUITE the same after reassembly... cosmetically, mainly).

Both the "flash" and "HD" based versions have a continuous, all-in one front face, but the rear face is different between the two variants. On the HD version, it consists of a panel in the middle and two plastic bits on either side. The trick is to remove those plastic bits FIRST. One screw is underneath the "kickstand leg" and the others are below little "foot" points which can be CAREFULLY pried out (if you're lucky, the bits won't get too "scarred" from prying them out!)

For the "flash" variant, it's not quite the same. You'll want to go to this linked page:


This page has photos of some disassemblies... in two threads. You'll want to take a look at both links from the first post.

If this all seems like too much for you... you could always go to these guys, who specialize in repairing these devices. ... /1513.html

They know all the pitfalls... at if you want to do the work yourself, can help you get the right parts in any case.

These forums are pretty dead these days. I still have my several Archos's... a 250GB Archos 5IMT, two 500GB Archos 5ITs, a 32GB Archos 5IT, and an 8GB Archos 5IT... all in working order (but all having had their batteries replaced at least once).

I just... and I mean DAYS ago... picked up a Samsung Galaxy 7, and have installed a 200GB MicroSD card. I've managed to get ALMOST everything which I used to run on my Archos transferred over into this, plus a lot more. I've historically carried a bunch of MOVIES on my device, alongside my entire music, audiobook, and kindle libraries... and I can do all the audio and document stuff just fine on here. Granted, I can't get nearly as many MOVIES onto a 232GB device... but I can, I supposed, swap out 200GB MicroSD cards (not really wanting to do that often, for fear of ruining the o-rings which make the card slot waterproof!) or get a portable drive of some sort (which can connect wireless, since the "HDMI out" on the Galaxy 7 is through the "USB" port... requiring a special adapter... so I can't really use a USB hard drive!)

I still LOVE my Archos 5's... they're still the "ideal" device formats for me. The Galaxy 7 is "getting there"... if there was a "galaxy 7" tech-level device but with the form-factor of the A5's, and with a "docking station" like the A5's "DVR station"... I'd be in bliss. (sigh)

Maybe one of these days Archos will figure out that their sole "claim to fame" in this market... the thing that made them stand out... was making devices like that... and now that they only make "generic Android devices" indistinguishable from anyone else... there's really no reason to buy from them.

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