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PostPosted: Wed May 02, 2012 1:49 pm 
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Archos Novice

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Hi. The hard disk on my Archos 7 is knackered - its going very slow and seizes up after a few minutes. I cannot trust formating it because it will probably lock up in the middle of the process and really mess up the hard drive. Unfortunately Archos no longer support this model and cannot provide spare parts (but when the drives were last available they cost £110 which is about 3 times more than the cost of a bare drive)

It was quite easy to remove the drive and its a standard seagate momentus 160gb 5400.5 2.5" drive.

One option would be to try and physically repair the drive. The easiest option is to replace the drive pcb but I think the drive surface is probably damaged or the read/write head faulty and repair is a much more tricky operation.

I have tried making a raw disk image using [email protected] image which is free to use for 21 days. It copies the complete disk including boot records, sectors, formating and patitioning so would have been perfect to make an image and then simply burn the disk image to a new drive - but unfortunately the process stops after a few minutes.

According to Archos technical support the drive is matched to the archos system board - which seems odd that they would actually match every unit individually to the hard drive - and why do that? So I guess what they mean is that the drive uses an in house boot record and possibly some odd format system

So I reckon that if decent person has a working Archos 7 they could take the drive out, put it in a USB hard drive interface and run off a raw disk image using [email protected] image it could possibly give the Archos 7 media player a new lease of life - maybe it could be held somewhere here so that anyone could download. Of course the file will be big - 160gb for my one and 300gb for the other model.

Aother option is that if anyone has an Archos 7 with a broken screen but all else ok I would buy it from you and then make the image available to anyone that wants it. Once I have the image I could in theory provide replacement disks to anyone that want one for the cost of the disk + say £10 to burn it. Of course if anyone else wants to do this please let me know and I will buy the disk from you.

Here is how to remove the drive - you will need a small watchmaker style philips screwdriver
1 - turn off the unit and disconnect the power supply
2 - remove the battery
3 - remove the 2 screws which can be seen insde the battery compartment one of which you need to unfold the leg/stand to get at
4 - remove the 2 rubber feet on the hard drive side of the unit use a very small watchmaker screwdriver (straight blade) to prize the rubber feet out
5 - Uncrew to 2 screws underneath the holes that the rubber feet came out of
6 - remove the curved plastic corner that the screws came out of
7 - remove the 2 remaining screws holding the drive in place
8 - gently lift up the drive and pull off the connector from the drive (carefully)

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