Disappointing performance...
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Author:  arrow [ Mon Sep 13, 2010 12:15 pm ]
Post subject:  Disappointing performance...


I bought a used, 1 year-old TV+ on EBAY. It came and looked brand-new, so it had not been used very intensively. But it had been registered, so I had to contact the ARCHOS support several times to reset the registration. They responded very quickly and in the meantime I could register the product.
The registration is mandatory, if you want to use the TV Guide, but this doesn┬┤t work even after successful registering. I still get an error message, when trying to start and update the TV Guide function. So it seems to be impossible to record TV program or other sources like DVD or VCR. No idea how to manage this.

That┬┤s only one of the disappointing aspects of this product:

- it crashes several times without any reason, no reaction, display and parser freeze...
- it is really slow on the browser function, no fun when using it, even if you got a webpage open, the device freezes or isn┬┤t able to display the page
- when playing music with the TV+, you have to keep your TV running, while there is a static image on the screen, which may definitely cause burn-in effects with Plasma or LCD displays
- sources for Internet-TV and Internet Radio are very limited; no idea, how to extend and find my favourite stations
- display of web content (if possible) is very poor, text hardly readable

I have not checked all functionality, but to be honest, it┬┤s not a pleasure to use this product.

I guess, I will have to sell it again. It is not of any use for me, neither for PVR, nor for web and media server application.

It┬┤s a pity.


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