Mp3's would load but not play
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Author:  fattexan [ Tue Oct 19, 2010 9:13 pm ]
Post subject:  Mp3's would load but not play

If it's any help to others.....just fixed a problem with one of several 405s I've used (or set up for friends 8) ).

One of my own 405s suddenly stopped playing mp3s ???!! :? It would load them from the Music folder OK but froze the device when I tried to play them. Having tried a "pinhole" reset, and on board factory reset, unit reformat and download of fresh firmware the problem still existed. Everything seemed normal until I transferred in some mp3s and tried to play one...and it would freeze again :evil:

In desperation tonight I connected the 405 to my PC and did a PC controlled Scandisk (Which hadn't worked previously) and this time I did a PC controlled reformat of the 405
.....reloaded the firmware .....reset the device time, date and my settings...transferred some mp3s....and lo!'s working correctly again [-o<

If at first you don't succeed....don't give up !! :lol:

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