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Author:  roylovelock [ Sat Dec 29, 2007 5:15 am ]
Post subject:  405 on the way

nOOb here LMAO, anyways peeps, ive now got a brand new 405 winging its way to me, couldnt resist £60 for the unit and thought what the hell.
Anyways many of you know ive owned many players and my current one is the 604, i have the usb dock on the gen 4, may i ask and yes ive searched but am still not sure (sorry mods LMAO) will my dock work with the player (im 80% sure it will). Im sitting here just about to order a case and some memory cards and wondering if i should get the battery dock if the usb dock wont work.
Im gona give this player the benefit of the doubt, i didnt want an 05 model because of non removable battery, no tv out etc, but at that price and interchangeable cards makes it pretty future proof for me (that is i can get battery replacements).
What cards are you guys using that work ok, are there any makes that cause problems with the machines or are they all as good as each other. Im looking at getting 2-3 4gb cards to start with as ive seen them at the £13 mark on amazon. Also what cases are ya using, im used to the norve cases but dont feel like spending out 40euros for it. One with sd card holders would be nice any ideas?


Author:  Kodiak [ Sat Dec 29, 2007 2:49 pm ]
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nOOb here LMAO

LOL - We've all been there - are there for some things - and will be there again. I've considered getting one of these. I missed a really good deal on one and I said if it comes up again I'm going to jump and get it. I like to watch a lot of old TV shows when I travel so high res and widescreen format is not needed for these. I'll use the 605 for the movies.

I'd love to hear your review of the 405 and it's ability to play off of SD cards. In fact I waited in line (I was first) at a Circuit City for black friday to get a LCD TV and when I ran in I saw they had 2 gig Sandisk Ultra II Plus SD cards for $17 each. I bought 2 just to have incase I got a 405.

Good luck with it and please post a review after you've put it through it's paces.

Author:  lee786 [ Sun Dec 30, 2007 5:08 am ]
Post subject: 

wow £60

is that a one off or are there more ?

ive never had one of these players b4 and ive been looking at this one

where can you guys recomend i get one from in the uk ?

Author:  roylovelock [ Sun Dec 30, 2007 5:44 am ]
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i got mine of fleabay, brand new. Not arrived as yet but came in at £64 (buy it now) including delivery so im well chuffed. Looking on there atm there are none avalible at a reasonable price, the retail in the uk is about £120, but i think comets are doing it for £99. Keep your eye out for deals on ebay they do come round everynow and then. If the seller puts any more up i will pm you.

Ps Kodiak i will put up a review of the machine when it arrives, i have a sneaky feeling it will be an so so machine and i will probo let my wife adopt it to replace my aging gmini 402 (ive been trying to get that back off her for a while now and this would be the perfect time before she wrecks it)

Author:  roylovelock [ Fri Jan 04, 2008 5:28 am ]
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My £60 405 arrived this morning, ive been playing with it all day and for the money i think its pretty impressive.
I managed to get it charged to blinking light in 1hr 40mins using my 04 dock. After reading the horror stories of days on charge i thought this would be the best way to charge.
I put in an 2gb stick loaded with audiobooks and put a couple of movies onto the player. I like the way it give you the option of viewing either card or internal memory.
As usual the firmware was a breeze to update.
The screen is ok, not excellent but ok for that size device (though i can see lines going though the desplay, and the screen goes dark when viewing at different angles). The sound quality is superb on my shure se310s, a little quiet but more than enough for me useing these phones - but i doubt they will be as good on less expensive headphones.
There is also the humming missing at low volumes which ALL players have suffered from - from year dot. this is usually caused by the hard drive spinning up but as there isnt one on these machines = no humming!!! yippeee.....

The OS is very similar to the 604, pretty easy to navigate. basically the same as nearly all the other players.
The button layout is much better than the 04 range. the ok and X button are now at the top insted of half way down, also the left and right arrows are raised so it makes it easier to skip tracks via feel, they have also added a volume button, this works when the key lock is on - but for the life of me i cant see why they bothered waisting an button when up and down do the same job (except when key lock is on).
After one charge so the life isnt yet cycled i managed about 11hrs of audiobook playback, also a lot of fannying around with the unit showing ppl video files etc on there, this should get better as battery cycles a few times.... maybe it will hit 16hrs (yeah right!).
Connections.... archos have realised most ppl dont like the usb leads they the 04 was shipped with, how many times was i round a friends house and wanted to copy stuff over from his pc or my archos player, DAMN no leads. Well the 405 has a STANDARD usb (mini a i thinks its called) connection as well as the other connections the 04 range has, the 04 leads work perfectly with the machine, as does my camera lead work with the player.
The other thing i love about the unit is the size, its tiny. The thing sits in the palm of my hand and fits in my pocket without me realising where it is. Thats my likes so far....

My dislikes, please remember ive owned many many archos players, my views are valid imo but may not be to others......
First of all DAMN ARCHOS, that colour STINKS. I cant stand ipods, archos players always looked smart with brushed steel, WHITE is disgusting, oh well......
Non replacable battery is my first moan, the looks of the player it probo wouldnt have taken much to allow the battery to be removable, but i suppose as archos arnt gona get extra money from me from failed hard drives they will try that way.
the head phone socket is in the WRONG place!, if your like me then you will put your player in a coat or shirt pocket with the headphone lead pointing out the top, well to do this puts the buttons at the bottom out of reach, in effect the headphone socket is opposite to the control buttons, this dosnt seem to be a logical layout to me!.
Lack of tv out, i would have been rather annoyed if i bought this unit straight away without knowing there is no tv out, this is a major part of the charm for archos players, ive been to many ppl houses and plugged in my players to their tv sets. I know you can get the tv out module with the battery dock etc but for me this is just a cheap shot to get more money from your customers.
Well this may actually be a bug atm or its me not setting something correctly, i listen to many many hours of audiobooks, i have always loved the archos players for their bookmark features, this is something that made me stay with the make from the av300 model. But it seems that the bookmark feature dosnt work with files stored on SD cards. The machine is capable of writing / deleting from the cards so it makes no sence to me that it cant actually set a bookmark to the card.

Well thats so far,
IMO this is actually a DOWNGRADE to the 404, actually they should have called it the 403 SD which would have been fairer. The 404 has more features than this machine ie tv out, and other than the buttons the machines are identical..... no their not the TV/Headphone socket is in a better position. The money i payed for the machine makes it excellent value, but if i was to pay £100 + for it i would have to seriously ask myself y, especially when you can now get the excellent 604 for £130 of
Im gona keep the little thing, i have the norve case on its way and a couple of 4gb cards, even with the moans and groans with the player it still seems a solid little unit that will do the tasks i want it to do, this will allow me to keep my bulker 604 at home and use the 405 in the workplace, this way i wont lose so much sleep if it gets broken. This player will be ideal for someone who does extreme sports or have a problem child that drops things all the time (as long as the screen is protected in a deacent case).
If i find anyother stuff i like / Dislike i will post.... but i think ive covered it for now.
any questions feel free to ask

edit, just sussed out the bookmark feature and it works!!!!, that shows you should really play with them first (the players im talking about! LOL)

Author:  Kodiak [ Fri Jan 04, 2008 1:01 pm ]
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Thanks for posting the indepth review. I was glad to see you got the bookmark feature for an SD card working. When I first read that I thought that was a bit of a bummer. I'm glad to read your thoughts and it confirms what I was thinking. If I can get a really great deal I will look at it but only for a great deal.

I was hoping that Archos might put out some "special 605" like the 20 and 40gigers, only with a flash drive of 8 or better yet 16gigs. If they did I could live with that and not have to deal with cards. Maybe a 606 will have a larger flash drive.

Author:  roylovelock [ Sat Jan 05, 2008 5:25 am ]
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hopefully, flash is defo the way to go now, mechanical drives are being phased out (the 1.8") by toshiba now, it wont be long before others do the same.
Well i sussed out the bookmark problem, BUT with all my other players the files that are bookmarked (mp3 that is) have a tick on the file header, the 405 has none atm, this is why i initally thought it wasnt saving them. I think i will contact archos to ask for this simple but essential little feature. I will post some piccys when my case arrives which should be monday, i still dont like the screen too much, as i pointed out it goes black unless looking straight on.
Now off to bed, im gona hitch up my 604 to its portable dock and see if i can charge the 405 off the dock as well, also im gona see if it can recognise the bookmarks saved on those files in the 405 which could be handy. Ive already connected up the 604 to the tv and watched a movie from the 405 whilst connected, this could save my hard drive as its not being used to much this way. I have a feeling that as good as this little player is, im gona end up using my 604 as the main player - the battery life atm just seems to be a bit better on the older player, also having the interchangable cells give me more freedom at work (when spare) to watch a movie. The 405 i think would not last me a shift if i watched a movie then listened to my audiobooks, i will test this out after a few battery cycles though.

Author:  Charbax [ Sat Jan 05, 2008 9:15 am ]
Post subject: 

Actually Archos has recently been selling more and more of the hard drive models, even the 605 WiFi 160GB is very popular. People like to have huge capacities for their Internet files, and so far Flash storage is not good enough for that. So according to the sales figures released by Archos, they were sold-out everywhere on 605 WiFi 30-160GB models, while Archos didn't sell many of their flash based products thus far.

But perhaps with an HSDPA version of the 605 WiFi, then Flash storage will be fine since you could stream all your personal collection of files directly wirelessly from the Internet, as long as streaming media using HSDPA bandwidth will be cheap enough, such as 1$ per GB.

Although the flash storage of the 605 WiFi 4GB and 405 is very cool to achieve such cool low price points. I think it makes absolutely no sence to pay more for an iPod Nano for example and that is the main positionning of these right now.

Author:  Kodiak [ Sat Jan 05, 2008 2:25 pm ]
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So according to the sales figures released by Archos, they were sold-out everywhere on 605 WiFi 30-160GB models, while Archos didn't sell many of their flash based products thus far.

I do think a lot of that has to do with the size. 4gigs is very small. 4 or 5 albums, a couple of movies, and maybe a TV show or 2 and your basically done. I know they did it to make it the lowest price option. That is why I was hoping some special edition 605, like the 40giger, might be released with a bigger flash drive. Even 8gigs is a huge step up from 4. Perhaps a future model (606?) will have some different options in the flash drive department.

Author:  roylovelock [ Mon Jan 07, 2008 12:41 pm ]
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well my case and 4gb sdhc card has arrived, i was worried the card wont work as the unit only says sd but the card has gone in fine and is working. I got the noreve case from previous experiance. The case was a bit pricy at £22 but not over the top. The other reason was that it can store 2 sc cards on the flap ant opens the correct way, up and over as opposed to down and under. There is also a stand on the case, but for this unit i would have peferred a belt clip or lanyard. But as usual the build quality of the case is superb. It should hopefully stop me hitting those buttons when i have the keylock off.

Battery life after 5 complete charging cycles is NO WHERE near the advertised 17hrs audio and 5hrs video. Im getting more like 3hrs atm on video and about 10- 11hrs on audio, i really hope this improoves as its takes away a lot of freedom that the sd card creates for me.
Ive tried emailing archos over the bookmard feature (no sign on files) and somthing else thats a bit irrating is the lack of mp3 scroll when the file is playing. Two little things which are actually needed, as the screen is tiny the file name scroll on the playback window is essential.
I will get some picys up of the new case a little laters.

Author:  Kodiak [ Mon Jan 07, 2008 1:02 pm ]
Post subject: 

Im getting more like 3hrs atm on video and about 10- 11hrs on audio

This is a bummer after so many cycles. I have read other posts here about short video play time with the flash drive but I must say I always thought there might be some kind of user error, or some mistake. I did think that that could be one of the greatest features of the flash drive. Low battery consuption and longer playtime. This makes me think that they put a different battery in the flash drive model. One with a smaller mAh rating. I would think that could be the only explanation. Unless of course that flash drive doesn't have the lower power consuption that people think. This would be a pity.

Author:  roylovelock [ Fri Jan 25, 2008 6:10 am ]
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To any other owners out there (there must be at least one other lol), ive been using this device for a few weeks now, and i must say the battery life is not brilliant. But this evening i accedently ejected my sd card whilst attaching usb plug. I pulled the card out and went to put it back in and noticed how warm it was, i have noticed how hot the player gets watching video but didnt realise the card was also heating up with just mp3 use. Im now gona run it off internal memory for a couple of days to see how the battery life goes, could one of you guys / gals do the same for me out of intrest.

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