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PostPosted: Sun Nov 17, 2013 10:18 am 
Archos Novice
Archos Novice

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I programmed since 1994 or so, got a BS Computer Science (and almost Mathematics) last year. Today I bought an Archos Elements 97 Platinum tablet PC (my first tablet & device the touchscreen works at all, i.e., with an OS I did not immediately replace and have to try compiling drivers). I have many questions.

    Does it have GPS?

    Where is the charging light, and is it ok that I once had to, and then accidentally, disconnected the charger cable before it is charged? (after I started charging, we had not seen the warranty length, and I went back to buy a store warranty in case the PC is dropped, etc., and thought I might have to show it had not been dropped).

    Are there wired keyboards, and USB hubs for using one and having a spare socket? I am uncomfortable with my physical keyboard being wireless, when I am not in a rural area and will use the PC in public.

    Apparently I bought a larger, non-micro SD card, and must return, but do average department stores or local computer shops even sell 64 GB ones usually? (this was the only 64 GB one I saw where I bought the machine).

    Will a screen protector for the Elements 97 Cobalt work, and are there protectors for a tablet's body/edges thinner than ones for kids? (not just a case, which I got with a keyboard, but protectors like smartphone ones, etc).

    Would it void the agreement/warranty If I wanted to install Coreboot (if ever possible), Slackware ARM GNU/Linux, (or something like Ubuntu Touch GNU/Linux or whatever) or Replicant Android GNU/Linux?

    Are there styli of multiple pressure-level sensitivity you can recommend, for art/graphics, that preferably have Free/Libre Software (i.e., standard GNU/Linux) drivers, as well as programs (like are GIMP, Inkscape usable)? The technology for that is a main reason I bought the PC.

    Where can I read the friendly manual for the OS, and how do I upgrade to latest stable Android? (I maybe compiled it once, but did not do much in an emulator, because I could not set up its networking)

    Can one boot to a shell on a virtual console device without starting the GUI?

    Would it void the agreement/warranty to have administrator/'root' account access, and if not, but if I do not have that, how do I get it--or is the default user an administator (which is definitely considered actually not safe to connect to the 'net, so one should create a non-privileged account)--and is it something else, which may void the agreement/warranty, to 'root' an Android system (i.e., does that mean to become administrator/root but then also install another BIOS or OS)?

    I am surprised at the excessive simplicity of Android compared to even a GNU/Linux designed for average users, because there was no way to enter my hidden wi-fi network's name/SSID, so I made it public, connected, then re-hid it, and now my tablet says it is not connected... is there anything to do but make the SSID public again?

The following I am not so worried about, because I can find out eventually.

    Does Android run ntpd (or an alternative), inted, system log daemons?

    I had some other questions about programs, but Google Play seems to have most of the stuff I am looking for, and I see there are other alternative OSes that would likely/hopefully have the rest.

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